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Premium MS Broedmachine Digital Incubator - Chicken Starter Pack
Premium MS Broedmachine Digital Incubator - Chicken Starter Pack Premium MS Broedmachine Digital Incubator - Chicken Starter Pack Premium MS Broedmachine Digital Incubator - Chicken Starter Pack Premium MS Broedmachine Digital Incubator - Chicken Starter Pack

Premium MS Broedmachine Digital Incubator - Chicken Starter Pack

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Premium Quality hand made Digital MS Incubator Starter Pack.
This pack contains :

1 MS Broedmachine 35 Digital Incubator.
1 MS Thermometer
1 MS Hygrometer
1 Large 40cm Chick Brooder/Electric Hen
1 Galvanized Metal Chick Feeder
1 Galvanized Metal Chick Drinker
1 Pack of 40 Chick Leg Rings
1 Incubation Book

Details :
  • Handmade Wooden Incubator
  • Setting capacity 35 Hen eggs
  • Hatching capacity 35 eggs at the same time
  • Digital controls
  • Fan Assisted
  • Semi Automatic turning
  • Cabinet size is 40cm x 40cm x 32cm

MS Broedmachines premium hand built wooden cabinet incubators are, in our opinion, the pinnacle of small incubators in terms of ease of use, cleaning, reliability, but above all excellent hatch rates.
Whether you are starting out or a seasoned breeder you can achieve 100% hatch rates with these machines time after time.

All wood construction with a glass panel in the door. Veneer finish inside and out for ease of cleaning. All components used are more 'industrial' than those found in other machines and are all the better for it, giving years of trouble free incubation.

Coming factory calibrated and set to 37.7oC the digital controls can be easily adjusted and re-calibrated if desired. The thermostat has an accuracy of 0.2oC.

In normal use they are hardly needed however as the quality circuit board and fine sensor work seamlessly with the heavy duty heating element to keep the cabinet temperature at the level set by the user regardless of changes in the environment around the incubator.
Perfect air circulation is achieved through a low vibration fan; the ventilation enters the machine above the heating element and is circulated around the cabinet by the fan ensuring warm air is delivered evenly and with no colds spots.

Simple, manual control is achieved by opening the brass vent on the top of the machine to allow the fan to suck in fresh air (this is brought in and over the heating element) and the plastic vent to expel damp air.
Extra water can be added in the water pot provided although if the machine is running full of eggs then this is generally only needed on hatching days if at all.

One simple movement turns all the eggs by 90 degrees, this should be done 3-4 times per day. Simply open the door, move the handle and close again.
In many machines the action of opening and closing the door would be detrimental to incubation success but the MS incubators are made with such high quality fans & heating elements that they return to optimal within minutes, and the contents of the eggs are never affected.

Supplied with one standard hen egg tray with 5 rows taking 7 large fowl eggs each giving 35 egg capacity.
The standard tray is usually fine for duck, pheasant, and partridge etc. eggs.
A separate tray is needed for Goose & Turkey eggs and separate trays are available for bantam and quail eggs too.
Unless the machine is going to be used solely for quail then the quail inserts are the more versatile option.

Hatching can be achieved simultaneously in the large wooden hatching box beneath the setting tray making the MS35 ideal for small regular hatches.

Because the MS35 does such an excellent job of the 18 day incubation period you'll find the pipping and hatching to be fast and clean so there is no need to raise the humidity for 3 days before hatching like in other incubators, only on the final day will it need to be raised which has no effect on the other eggs being incubated.

Comes fully factory calibrated and complete with back-up Thermometer, Hygrometer, Hatching Box, Water container and full instructions on its use.
There is an option to add automatic humidity control and digital humidity readout for £260 extra. However, in our experience, this is unnecessary as the size and capacity of this machine means that when full, the humidity can be kept at 40% without adding water and with the vent open 2mm.

Incubator Specification:

  • Capacity (approximate): 35 Hen, 45 Bantam / Pheasant, 20 Goose, 30 Turkey, 55 Quail.
  • Size: 42.5x40.5x33cm (WxDxH)
  • Power consumption 145W (Max)
  • Electrical Supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • 1 year MS guarantee

Chick Brooder

Large 40cm Electric Hen / Chick Brooder.

Natural brooder for all types of Poultry, chicks or ducklings.
Just like a Ceramic heat bulb these units emit only heat not bright lights and do so from a sealed pad on the underside.

This means the chicks go off in search of food & fun and then come back to their 'electric hen' for a heat up when they begin to cool down again, just as they would snuggle under a broody hen.
Adjustable upwards on 4 legs to raise the height of the heat as the chicks grow.

  • 40cm x 40cm
  • 42 Watts
  • For 35 chicks

Galvanized Metal Feeder & Drinker:

  • Suitable for all chicks
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to clean

30cm metal hanging chick feeder/drinker set

This feeder can hang on the side of your poultry brooder pen or coop

Or can be hung on strong wire square mesh, wood or drilled on to your poultry house.

This trough is designed as a feeder or as a drinker as it has been sealed

Holds approximate 1 liter of water or 1.5 kg of feed.

Size: 300mm long x 100mm deep x 170 high x 55mm deep

Suitable for all types of poultry from chicks and growers to bantams and large chickens too.


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