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Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. / Diatom)
Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. / Diatom) Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. / Diatom) Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. / Diatom) Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. / Diatom)

Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. / Diatom)


Our Price: £1.95
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Natural Organic Diatomaceous Earth
100% natural and 100% effective 

We have Large 25kg Paper down to small 200g tester packs.
( We decanted smaller amounts from our 25kg sacks into bag or tubs for you on the day you place your order)

Diatomaceous Earth (commonly called D.E. or Diatom Powder) is a non-chemical powder produced from silica-shelled fossilized diatoms.

  • The powder is particularly effective against External Mites & lice in poultry and can be applied directly to your birds, chicken house & dust bath.
  • The powder abrades the protective waxy surface & absorbs the waterproofing oils (lipids) of the mite and causes them to dehydrate & die.
  • This works either by direct 'puffing' onto the insect or by them walking through the applied powder.
  • Use on birds, on perches and in nest boxes & around any areas where mites may be living, under & over shavings in a fine layer of powder for the cheapest way to stay mite-free throughout the year.
  • Pay particular attention to the roof line of your house and joins in woodwork as these will be well travelled by red mites.

Controls: Red Mite, Northern Fowl Mite, fleas, ticks etc. associated with poultry, cage & aviary birds etc.

Also safe & suitable for use in the home to control Bed-bugs & carpet beetles, etc. and on domestic pets & livestock.

This has been shown to be particularly good at controlling mites in horses too as it's easy to apply  and stays as a fine covering on the hairs and skin.

Safe for use on the birds, contains no chemicals and is 180million years old (give or take a decade) so no danger of going off!

Red Mites are tiny little pests that live in the cracks of chicken houses coming out at night, crawling onto your birds for a feed.
They multiply at an incredible rate with a life cycle of just 7 days. Hatching from an egg to being an adult laying hundreds of eggs takes red mite only 7 days if conditions are right!

Available to purchase from us in small 200g bags for just £1.95 up to huge 25kg sacks for £29 making it very economical.

For ease & speed why not use with our "Bobby Duster" , it bellows a fine mist of powder all over your coop in just seconds!

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