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Pack of 2 Small/Mini Poultry house Smoke Fumers

Pack of 2 Small/Mini Poultry house Smoke Fumers

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New twin pack Mini fortefog 'P' fumers are pesticide smoke generators (smoke bombs) for the effective fuming of poultry houses to eradicate Red Mite.

Each 3.5g fumer contains 13.25% permethrin, an extremely effective insecticide, no egg withdrawl is needed after fumigating the house. 

Simply close as many holes in the coop as possible sealing with masking tape & damp newspaper for onduline roofing etc.

The more air-tight the coop, the more smoke will stay in and penetrate the woodwork killing mites and eggs.

Clear a space in the shavings etc. on the floor and stand the fumer on a plate, light the non-sparking fuse and close the door on the way out!

2 hours later you can return and brush out the shavings which will be nicely littered with dead mites.

Remember that the smoke won't necesarily penetrate onto a roof covered in felt and if you have a bad infestation this should be removed & checked for mites and treated with a suitable product.

Remeber also the cycle of the insect is 10 days from egg laid to hatched, drinking and laying eggs itself is 7-10 days so vigilance is needed for any eggs not killed and we strongly advise the use of secondary products like Agrodust / Diatomaceous Earth and Protector pyrethrum spray for maximum protection.

Please also remember that this product, whilst harmless to chickens & humans, will kill ALL insects so please use it responsibly in a manner where no harm will come to bees, butterflies & moths which we rely on for pollenation, and other animals for food.

Two x 3.5g

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